Chopsticks – Who knew?!?


I am in love with this new book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Scott Magoon. 

Amy is famous for one of my other favorite children’s books, Little Pea, as well as Duck! Rabbit!, Spoon and more.  Scott is the author and illustrator of Hugo & Miles in I’ve Painted Everything! and he is the illustrator of several books including Amy’s book Spoon.

Chopsticks is the story of inseparable best friends.  One day they “come to a fork in the road” and they have to figure out how survive on their own for a bit.  The theme teaches children that it is ok to branch out on your own, you won’t lose your true self or your friendships.

This is one of those children’s books that will be loved across generations.  Children will love the story because of the adorable illustrations and the fun adventures.  Adults will love the story because of play on words throughout the book, “No one stirred, not even Spoon.”  Everyone will learn a few useful tricks you can do with chopsticks, either one or both.

I’m going to go get sushi for dinner tonight.

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