Rules of Civility a novel by Amor Towles

Rules of CivilityIf Amor Towles has plans for a second novel I think he has a tough act to follow. His debut novel “Rules of Civility” is a sophisticated and witty look at the relationships among three very different characters in 1938 New York.

I loved it. I found it funny, moving, totally entertaining, and very hard to put down.

Towles’ writing creates such vivid pictures-I found myself rereading sections several times just to hear the words again and again. The snappy dialogue drew me in and I wanted more.

Although not from moneyed backgrounds, Katey Kontent and her roommate/friend Eve Ross insinuate themselves into that high society with help from Tinker Grey, a banker they meet in a jazz club. What fun those parties must have been! They were carefree events at which the characters drank lots of gin and even more champagne. A serious accident changes the dynamics of the friendship in many ways as Katey learns to maneuver her way through a life style for which she is not really prepared.

The novel has its intrigue as well. There are a few plot twists near the end that I wasn’t expecting and they added to the overall development of the characters.

As you can tell I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Hopefully Amor Towles will treat us to another piece of his extraordinary story telling in the very near future. I can’t wait!


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