“Fifty Shades of Grey” a novel by E.L. James

More Like Fifty Shades of Amazing!

Lately, I’ve been reading a TON of teen books. I’ve been trying to get my fill since I finished The Hunger Games (see my last blog…I’ve gone psycho), and I’ve read some really great books. None of them really stuck with me though. You know those kind of characters that get under your skin and you fall in love with? I fell in love with the characters in some of these books, but it wasn’t obsessive. I was looking for a book that would stay with me forever. I’m always looking for that book… and I think I found another one, but it’s very far from a teen book.

                I guess I might have been the last to hear about The Fifty Shades trilogy by E.L. James, but I’m glad I finally did. Apparently everyone and their mothers and grandmothers and sisters and wives are reading this book, although, I’m not sure if they’d admit it. In the articles I’ve read, many say they were embarrassed to read this in public places or even mentioned that they read it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know it was that popular, so I brought it everywhere and told everyone about it. Awkward, I know. But honestly, I didn’t care. This book is steamy and beautiful, and I think all women (and men… get some pointers boys!) should read it.

                The book is written through the eyes of Anastasia Steele, who is a few weeks away from graduating college and starting a real life in Seattle, when she meets Christian. Christian Grey is a gazillionaire and probably one of the most handsome men ever described on the planet. He meets Ana when she is coerced into interviewing him for her school’s paper by her best friend, Kate, and I like to think that they fall in love right then. It’s not really what happens, but it’s always nice to believe in love at first sight… Anyway, Christian can’t stay away from Ana no matter how hard he tries, and Ana is gradually drawn closer and closer to Christian. When he takes her to Seattle, Ana starts to really see Christian for who he is. He makes her sign an NDA basically saying she can’t tell anyone about what she sees, and then he shows her “The Red Room of Pain” as Ana would say. Turns out, Christian is seriously into BDSM. Spanking, caning, suspending, blindfolds… the whole nine yards.

                At this point in the book, I was scared to go on. I didn’t want the beautiful start of their relationship to turn into this scary, sadistic thing. However, I took the leap with Ana. I figured if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to keep reading. But I loved it. It’s not as scary as it sounds and E.L. James made it sound so beautiful and sexy. And at the bottom of all the blindfolds and shackles is an incredible love story. James made me fall in love with Christian and Ana. The two of them together are like peanut butter and jelly even if they can’t see that yet.

                I just finished the first book last night and I’m in the middle of the second. I’m clearly an addict. I just wish I could tell you all exactly what happened and how I felt and how much I love Christian without giving too much away, but I can’t. You will just have to read them for yourselves. And don’t be ashamed. Erotica is amazing and I know you all read it when you were 16 and your hormones were going crazy. Besides… you can just tell your boyfriend or husband or whatever that it’s just a love story, and it is. The kind that makes you believe love exists again.


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