What’s Cookin’ – Dinner at Home

When I was trying to decide which cookbook to share with you this week it was a tough decision.  Spring is my favorite time of year to cook – the veggies seem to be at their freshest, the farmers markets are just opening up, I can take the cover off of the grill.  I love cooking with the seasons, it just seems right to my body and soul. 

There are a number of cookbooks that separate their recipes by the seasons and this makes it really easy to figure out what is at its peak.  When I was looking through all of the amazing cookbooks we have in the Bookshop I kept coming back to one of my favorites and the one I’m cooking from at home right now.  Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home.

Ok, you are probably thinking what I thought when I received this book as a gift.  Are you crazy!  This woman makes a grilled cheese sandwich difficult to make.  Well, I think her time away from home shifted her perspective on what makes food great – delicious and EASY.  The premise of this book is to be able to get a complete meal – appetizer, main, side and dessert – on the table for family and friends in a relatively short amount of time. 

The menus are cleverly designed with a simple preparation schedule that enables you to plan and cook dinner and get it on the table in about an hour.  Martha walks you, step by step, through the preparation and cooking of each part of the meal.  I have probably made half of the recipes in the book and she has not let me down yet.  Just last night I made baby lamb chops with lemon strips (on the grill), asparagus and quinoa, pea and mint salad.  I skipped the dessert, a vanilla-poached rhubarb, just because I wasn’t in the mood.  From step 1 to step 5 I had dinner on the table in about 30 minutes – the only cutting was to zest and halve a lemon.

This is a beautiful cookbook to have in your collection or to give as a gift.  It is one of my favorite cookbooks to give for a wedding shower gift.  I promise, you will finally see why people love Martha.

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