This Week in the Bookshop

I don’t know about you but it seems like all of my friends are pregnant these days.  Well, lucky for me we have just restocked our adorable baby gift line from Rick Frog.

Rich Frog Industries, based in Burlington, VA, has been in the Kidz Gift Biz since 1994. Known for their bright colorful designs, they have been putting smiles on little faces for more than a decade. The beautiful lakes and mountains that surround them in Vermont provide plenty of inspiration for their products.  You can be assured of the quality and safety of each Rich Frog product.  They travel extensively in order to search out excellent worldwide manufacturers for their designs and take great pains to ensure that they are comfortable with the facilities where their products are made.

Stop by and check out some of my favorites.

Squeek Easies

Just the right size for baby’s tiny hands to grab, hold and squeak!

Beastie Balls

Baby won’t fear these Beasties – soft to the touch, knotted fabrics are easy to grasp, gentle rattle inside!

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Place a lost tooth in the envelope on the front of the pillow. The pillow can sit on or next to the bed and the Tooth Fairy will have no trouble finding it!

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