Track that what????

Track that Scat! written by Lisa Morlock and illustrated by Carrie Ann Bradshaw

Is it scat, like in scram, jazz music or animal poop?

It is a bit of all three, but mostly animal poop.

When Finn’s mom tells her to scat, she and her dog Skeeter set out on a hike to cure their restless feet, they literally take a step into nature. A big gooey step…right into scat (also known as poop). And just like the animal it comes from, scat comes in all shapes and sizes. Scat, along with foot or paw tracks, can tell a lot about the creature who produced it.

As Finn’s hike takes her further into the woods, she happens along some scat and tracks from a variety of woodland creatures.

Pairing punchy rhyme with science writing, Lisa Morlock has created the perfect nature guide, providing detailed descriptions of the prints, diets, and behaviors of the animals that Finn and Skeeter encounter along their hike.

At bedtime, Mom asks, “What’s all that?” (Sniff, sniff, sniff) “Well, shoe-bop-bee-bop that is scat.”

What a fun and educational book for spring when all the animals are out and about and the kids are ready to enjoy the fresh spring breeze.

Watch your step!

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