The Boozy Baker by Lucy Baker

Lately, I’ve been having a serious problem with finishing books. I’ve started The Dressmaker, From the Memoirs of a Non-Enemy Combatant, and The Buddha in the Attic, but for some reason I cannot seem to make it to the end of them. They’re all incredible books that I know will become some of my favorites, but I just haven’t been reading as much lately. I’ll just blame it on the stress of my other job (very little) and the constant need to clean my apartment (which is sparkling now) and of course I need to play with my kittens as much as possible (who hate me). So because of all this, I decided to review a cookbook for my blog this month. I figured I could manage at least that and make my boyfriend happy with the goodies that I make. Upon deciding this, I went into the back of my favorite bookstore (Wellington of course!) and found the perfect one for me! The Boozy Baker by Lucy Baker combines your favorite desserts, and soon to be favorites, with your favorite liquor. I like my whiskey and I love my desserts; it was an all around win-win situation.

Baker immediately won me over (as if I wasn’t already convinced!) with her introduction which was a peek into her 6-year-old memory of her stealing a swig of vanilla extract. I literally laughed out loud and realized this cookbook just got better by mixing comedy into the already perfect line up of booze and sweets. I was seriously going to enjoy this review.

I flipped to the back of the index to find some recipes with the booze I already had lying around my apartment, which is mainly whiskey, rum, more whiskey, and an old bottle of white wine in the fridge. Starting with whiskey, I found three recipes. The first two were for some delicious sounding pudding. However, I knew that even with those Jello packets where all you have to do is boil some water, I still can’t make pudding, so making them from scratch was out of the question.  The next one on the list was a Southern Comfort red velvet cake. I was immediately reminded of the first time I tried SoCo in college and gagged. It was hands down one of the worst morning afters I had ever had, but it is a very sweet whiskey and sounds like it would taste delicious in a red velvet cake. I didn’t have any hanging around so I went out to the liquor store and snagged some along with the other ingredients I would need to make the cake.

I got home and poured a glass of SoCo and coke deciding that my college days were my glory days and that I should relive them. I had forgotten how good it was, and got over my fear of drinking it again. Making the cake was easier than I thought it was going to be. A little food coloring, baking soda, a little SoCo for you, a little SoCo for me, and voila I had a cake batter. I decided to make cupcakes instead of the full cake mainly because I don’t actually have a cake pan, but also because cupcakes are more fun. They turned out great! I loved them, my boyfriend loved them, and my family (who are all chefs or food critics) loved them too!

I graduated on to making something with tequila. She had a lot of recipes that called for tequila, but I decided on some quick and easy milkshakes. I have a ninja blender (which can also double as an ice cream maker; it really is a wonderful machine) which I used to make the ice cream and then the milk shakes. The milkshake was called the Pink Elephant Milkshake which is due to the fact that if you drink too many you’ll start hallucinating and seeing pink elephants. They were delicious, so I had two and passed out and made a note to myself to add less tequila.

I did a couple more recipes that all turned out great. This cookbook is perfect for everybody (over 21 of course) and would make a great gift! I highly recommend it. The desserts are easy and fun, mostly because you’re tipsy and anything makes me happy then, and they were all delicious. Stop by the book store and pick up this cookbook, try some recipes and stop back in to tell me how they went! I want to hear your feedback!

~ Brynne

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