This Week In The Bookshop

The new Mixture votives have arrived and in some fabulous new scents that are perfect for spring and summer.

  • From the Kitchen Garden Collection we have:  Arugula Mint, Olive Oil Cilantro, Sicilian Lime Cilantro and White Sage & Thyme
  • From the Garden Collection we have:  Pink Jasmine, Fresh Lilac, Cactus Blossom and Blue Hyacinth
  • And new to the regular Votive Collection are:  Island Breeze, Extract, Orange Vanilla.
  • We always carry our customer favorites like Sicilian Fig, Black Moss, Tonic and more.

We are excited to announce a new addition to our children’s area, Blue Orange Games.

With 10 years experience creating high quality games, exquisitely designed for maximum fun.  Blue Orange Games looks to the future with consistent ideals. Using durable materials, Blue Orange pledges to produce high quality, eco-friendly games.

Here are some examples of what we will be carrying:

Using cards with a variety of images ranging from the charming to the ordinary, encompassing a range of situations, players improvise stories. Take a journey into storyland… Whether engaged in a friendly contest or creating a story together, you will love the way Tell Tale gives your imagination a chance to shine. 7 great family games and thousands of short stories to tell are included in this tin.

Sumoku is a unique crossword-style game with numbers. It can be played 5 different ways. Whether you are looking for fast action with friends, a challenging pastime, or an addictive game that brings family together, sumoku has it all! Just add up tiles to multiples of the number shown on the die, connect them all together, and you have a sumoku! Packed with endless challenges, sumoku is pure adding fun!

Stop by and check them out!

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