What’s Cookin’ – Ellie Krieger “So Easy”

It really is So Easy!  Luscious and healthy recipes for any day of the week.

This is Ellie Krieger’s (Food Network hall of fame) second cookbook.  Yes, she has 3 out but I’m partial to this one so I’m going to tell you about why I love it.

I had never heard of Ellie before picking up her first cookbook, The Food You Crave.  After purchasing and making almost everything in it I was excited to see her come out with the next book, So Easy, so I could keep on cooking.  Ellie is famous for making healthy, nutrition-packed, low calorie food that is actually delicious.  She has a nutrition background and she is a busy mom to boot.  The purpose of this book is to teach you that you can make healthy food for you and your family when you have limited time or when you have a more leisurely schedule.  She also fills you up with some great nutrition information so that you can expand on what she has shown you.

For those super busy days:

Ellie fuels you up on a busy morning with a mocha java smoothie – the best of both worlds, coffee that tastes like a shake – or a spicy egg and avocado wrap.  For a quick lunch try tortellini-spinach soup or a yummy curry chicken salad.  And when you finally roll in after that long day at the office throw together the steak chimichurri with grilled garlic bread and grilled tomatoes or fragrant garlic-basil shrimp.  Don’t skip dessert just because you are in a hurry!  Have a healthy and delicious dessert of pnapple with spicy sugar dip or grilled peaches with ice cream.

Ellie teaches you the importance of having a healthy protein, fruits and/or veggies, whole grains and low sugar and saturated fats with every meal.  Each one of her meals is based around this simple check-list.

For those days when you have a bit more time:

Who wouldn’t want to eat a big breakfast burrito or blueberry-almond french toast bake on a Saturday morning.  If you are able to enjoy a nice lunch, maybe al fresco this time of year, try the chicken paillard with watercress and tomato salad or the crab and avocado duet with cool cucumber soup.  When you want to impress somebody with an amazing dinner cook up the porcini crusted filet mignon with creamed spinach and herbed mashed potatoes or salmon florentine and quinoa pilaf with pine nuts.  How about a little sweet for your sweetie, fig and ginger truffles will do the trick or for your little sweeties how about choco-coco pops.

Yummy and So Easy!

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