Popping Up All Over the Place

Instead of featuring one children’s book I want to highlight a group of books in the Bookshop.  They are classics, they are works of art, they are collectors pieces, they are amazing!

Some amazing illustrators have brought Pop Up Books to a whole new level!  The masters of this art are Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart.

Robert Sabuda discovered and fell in love with pop up books on one of his first visits to the dentist as a child.  “Noticing a wicker basket filled with books my mother suggested I bring one over for us to share while we waited. I went to the basket and realized right away that these books were special. They were very thick and had hard covers, which to me meant they were expensive. I opened the first one and was shocked and delighted when something lept right off the page. It was a pop-up book! I was so excited I forgot all about the dentist.”  Having discovered this first pop up book Robert then taught himself how to make this amazing art and the rest is history. 

In addition to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Robert has also created Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, The Movable Mother Goose and more.

Matthew Reinhart’s  pop up story started a little later in life.  Matthew always had a love of drawing but didn’t feel he could make a career in art so he decided to study Biology and go to medical school.  After college he moved to New York and met Robert Sabuda while volunteering at a local community center.  Matthew started working with Robert and soon after Robert conviced him to follow his passion.  Matthew and Robert collaborated on a number of children’s books until Matthew got his first big break with The Pop Up Book Of Phobias. 

Some of Matthew’s masterpieces include Brava Strega Nona, The Jungle Book, Cinderella and STAR WARS: Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy.

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