What’s Cooking? – “The Farm” by Ian Kanuer

It’s that time of year, the farmers markets are open and the CSAs are dropping off all the beautiful produce.  What an inspiring time to enjoy cooking or to learn to cook.  For dinner last night I made mashed potatoes with garlic skapes and grilled chicken with a garlic scape sauce.  What are garlic scapes?  They are the part of the garlic plant to grows above ground.  To keep all of the energy below the dirt to grow the bulb the farmers cut off the stems, or the scapes, above ground.  This is also the time of year for greens, all the lettuces are growing along with kale, arugula and more.  Wow!

Now what do you do with it all?  Ian Knauer has written a beautiful book calledThe Farm:  Rustic Recipes for a Year of Incredible Food. Ian is both a food writer, editor and TV star.  He lives in Brooklyn and also has a home in Knauertown, PA. His book is filled with delicious recipes and beautiful photography of both the food and the PA countryside. 

Ian has split the chapters of the book up by the seasons and ingredents.  The content of the recipes are what you will be finding in the farmers markets or your CSA basket at the specified time of year.  Yesterday I picked up a big bag of arugula from my CSA and was wondering how I would prepare it.  I will be making Ian’s spaghetti with arugula carbonara one night this week I think.  I might go back to those garlic scapes and try making some garlic scape pesto.  He even has a recipe for wineberries, that is how I figured out he lived around here.  I keep watching the bushes along the side of the road for the berries to be ready so I can make homemade yogurt with wineberries in honey syrup.  Yum!

If you like to cook with the freshest ingredients and the way nature intended it you must come in and check out The Farm.

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