Kids Corner – Roger Hargreaves and “Mr. Men and Little Miss”

I had never heard of Roger Hargreaves and I had only peripherally seenMr. MenandLittle Miss.  I was more familiar with their images than the books themselves.  One day we got the whole series into the store and that was the end of my ignorance forever.  My 4 year old daughter saw the books in our kids section and fell in love.  Whenever she comes into the shop she always picks up one of the Hargreaves books for someone to read to her (or all of them if she can sucker her daddy into it). 

The whole Mr. Men series started in 1971 when Adam, Roger’s son, asked him, “What does a tickle look like?”  Roger was then inspired to create a little orange man with a big toothy grin, a blue hat and extraordinarily long arms. You’ll laugh until it hurts when Mr. Tickle goes on a terrific tickling spree!  That led to many more brilliant ideas:  Mr. Greedy, Mr. Noisy, Mr. Happy, Mr. Bump, Mr. Sneeze to name a few.

The Little Missseries was then spun off from Mr. Men to include Little Miss Brainy, Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Curious and many more.

Published in a small, white square format the books were an instant success and their success continues today. 

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