Hip Hot & Happening in the Bookshop – Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo just turned 25!  Can you believe we have been looking for him for that many years?

If you have never picked up a Where’s Waldo book you really should.  There is so much more to it then just finding Waldo.  You can look for things until your eyes cross!

In addition to finding Waldo there are also “Five Intrepid Travelers” to find in each scene.  And in addition to that each traveler has lost something precious that you must find too.  Oh, don’t forget to find the 25 “Waldo Watchers” scattered through out the book.  But wait!  That’s not all, at the back of the books there are “Fantastic Journey Checklists”.  Within each page there are 24 other objects to find.

No wonder these books have been so popular for the last 25 years, it takes that much time to find everything. 

If you want hours of fun (and possibly frustration) then check out the 25th anniversary editions of Where’s Waldo.

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