What’s Cooking? – Deliciously G-Free

What is G-Free?  You may have heard this term before or maybe not.  G-Free stands for Gluten-Free.  Gluten is the protein found in wheat products, some oats and a few others grains that makes them gummy and gooey.  While some of us find this the part of baked goods that make them fabulous others cringe at the sound because gluten makes them terribly sick.  Many people have a mild gluten allergy which causes them to feel lethargic, have stomach cramps and other stomach issues.  This sounds bad enough, right?  Well, for people who have Celiac disease which is a digestive disorder characterized by a toxic reaction to gluten, the symptoms are even worse!

One of the most out spoken sufferers today is Elisabeth Hasselbeck (you might know her from “The View” or because she is married to quarterback Tim Hasselbeck).  Elisabeth suffers from Celiac disease and because of this she has had to learn to cook in a whole new way.  In her first bookThe G-Free Dietshe explains the gluten free lifestyle and how to avoid gluten free products.  In her follow up bookDeliciously G-Freeshe teaches us how to cook without gluten and still make delicious food that the whole family will love.

Since this is the end of the summer and it is still warm enough out for the BBQ I decided to try Elisabeth’s version of BBQ Chicken Sandwiches with Red Cabbage Mango Slaw.  What I discovered with this recipe as well as most of the recipes in the book is that for the most part, the ingredients are the same as you would normally fix if you are cooking with whole foods (veggies, meat, whole grains).  Where you have to be careful is with the pre-packaged foods.  For example, this recipe calls for BBQ sauce.  It never occurred to me that BBQ sauce would have gluten in it.  The obvious ingredient in this recipe would be the bun or wrap because they are items typically made from wheat flour.

Elisabeth’s recipes are simple and tasty and many of them are a G-Free spin on the classics (spaghetti and meatballs, pot roast and mac & cheese).  If you are sensitive to gluten or are cooking for someone who is then this book would be a great resource to help you eliminate products that have gluten, like BBQ sauce.  If you do not need to be G-Free then I would probably recommend another cookbook for classic recipes.

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