“The Griff” by Christopher Moore and Ian Corson

Since I really enjoyed reading the graphic novel, V For Vendetta, (even though I didn’t really get it) I decided to give another Christopher Moore book try. I found The Griff in the teen section of the bookshop and decided this would be the one. Post-apocalyptic United States always makes for a great read.

The story opens with an alien invasion of griffs, which are dragon looking weapons only before dreamed up by ancient mythology. The world was helpless against them. “All of our detection and targeted methods depended on an enemy being in a metal vehicle that produced a lot of head. Earth was totally unprepared for an enemy made of meat.” Within a few weeks all of earth’s population had been destroyed with the exception of a few stragglers. This is where we meet our main characters, Mo, Steve, Curt, Liz, and Oscar. Mo, Steve, and Curt meet in the subways of Brooklyn amidst a griff attack. Mo is a former video game programmer, and therefore has an abstract knowledge of exactly how to kill these monstrous weapons. Steve is a former skateboarder and Curt is a military enthusiast. The other two main characters, Liz and Steve, are both employed at Ocean World in Orlando. Our Brooklyn gang gets word that the alien mother ship crashed down in Orlando and so they embark on a dangerous journey down south.

The story gets really good about halfway through, but I can’t say much more without giving it away. I really enjoyed this graphic novel! The characters are likeable and I was cracking up while reading it. The storyline has been done before, but never with these mythological creatures (not that I’ve read or seen anyway). They had a couple twists to the story, which I wasn’t expecting, so that always makes the book five times better for me too. I recommend this book to anyone who is into graphic novels or even somebody who just wants a quick read. I read this book in probably about an hour! Check it out next time you stop by our wonderful bookshop!


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