Hip Hot & Happening in the Bookshop – Book Signing

Join us tomorrow, Saturday October 20th, from 11am-1pm for a book reading and signing by local author Dr. Jolene Borgese. Dr. Borgese is the author of Revision Strategies for Adolescent Writers: Moving Students in the Write Direction.

What is the difference between editing and revision?  What revision strategies are you using to help your student become an independent thinker and writer?

Join Dr. Borgese for this FREE hands-on workshop, with tips and tricks about revision strategies from her book.

Topics include:

  • The Process Approach
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Frontloading Activities
  • The 6 Traits of Effective Writing
  • Digital Communication
  • The Common Core State Standards

Revision Strategies offers strategies and lesson ideas for helping students re-think and re-envision their drafts and in so doing produce outstanding work. The authors make the hard work of writing well something all students can accomplish. You need this book!”Carol Jago, Director, California Reading and Literature Project, UCLA and Past PresidentNational Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, IL

“This is an important reference for language arts teachers. The strategies give students concrete ways of revising, and for kids who have a hard time verbalizing or explaining their ideas, this book provides techniques for them to expand and describe what they’re talking about.”  Sarah Lucci, Middle School English TeacherAllentown School District, PA

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