What’s Cooking? – Jamie Oliver’s “Great Britain”

If you follow our blog then you will know by now that I love Jamie Oliver so I get excited when he puts out a new cookbook.  What I love about Jamie is his straight forward approach, use of fresh and in season ingredients and his enthusiasm for cooking REAL food.  Not all of his recipes are easy, quick or to my taste but that is true for all cookbooks. 

So let’s dive into Jamie’s latest,Great Britain.  This is his attempt to debunk the bad reputation of British food.  I have to say, my grandmother was British and she was an amazing cook but she never made anything weird (blood sausage – ugh!).  I started my adventure with the Cauliflower Cheese Soup with creamy stilton, bacon bits and country bread.  This was a very hearty soup, more like a stew and I really enjoyed it (my daughter, not so much).  The soup is like a cauliflower version of French onion soup with the bread layered in with the soup and  cheese.  This was great for a chilly evening.

My world was rocked when I came across the Empire Roast Chicken with Bombay roasties and amazing Indian gravy.  I love roasting whole chickens and this one was epic!  You rub the chicken with a mixture of Indian spices (garlic, coriander, turmeric, cumin, garam masala) and then roast it over a pan of more spices and broth that then becomes the gravy.  While the chicken is cooking you toss some par-boiled potatoes with herbs and spices and then roast them too.  If you like Indian food and you like roast chicken this is the best of both worlds. 

I rounded off my cookbook experiment with Early Autumn Cornish Pasties.  These are like pot pies without the dish or little envelopes of dinner.  You make a simple pie crust, separate it into 6 pieces and roll the pieces out into rounds.  You then pile a heap of filling (steak, squash, potato, onion, carrots, herbs) in the middle, fold it over and bake.  Served with a simple side salad you have a delicious meal that could also be portable.

Given more time I would probably make about 90% of the recipes in this cookbook, they all sound delicious.  However, I would make them over time because if the rest of the recipes are as time consuming as these three I will have to plan out my time appropriately.  In addition, the chicken recipe used every pan in the house and was a bit messy.  The recipe calls for putting the chicken directly on the oven grate and a pan on the shelf below.  To give you a true review, I followed the instructions but next time I believe I would just put a roasting pan rack directly on the pan so that I don’t have to clean my oven rack again.

Jamie has done it again.  Enjoy!

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