Kids Corner – “Olivia and the Fairy Princess”

For fans of Olivia you will be excited to hear that she is at it again. 

In Ian Falconer’s latest story, Olivia is upset that her friends always want to dress up as princesses.  Including some of the boys!  Olivia has always been one to march to the beat of her own drum so rather than dress as a princess at her friend’s party she dons a “French sailor shirt, matador pants, black flats, a strand of pearls, sunglasses, a red bag and her gardening hat.”  She complains that not only do the girls (and some of the boy) always dress up as princesses but they are always pink, fluffy princesses.  Why can’t they dress like princesses from other countries like Thailand, Africa or China?

Olivia cries to her mom that “if everyone’s a princess, then princesses aren’t special anymore!  Why do they all want to be the same?” 

Olivia goes to be thinking about what she might be, other than a princess.   A nurse?  A reporter?  A humanitarian?  Then it occurs to her…

You will have to come in and check out the book for yourself, I’m not going to spoil it!